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Drawbacks - Common Impairments 12"


Image of Drawbacks - Common Impairments 12"

New EP on 12" black as hell vinyl by French post-hardcore beasts Drawbacks.

"It may have taken just a little over 14 minutes to listen through, but “Common Impairments” is an effort which proves DRAWBACKS plays hard on the emotions. What results is a quality release that cannot help but make us excited for what this pack is to grant us on their next, perhaps a full length offering."

Released together with the band, Don’t trust the hype (FR), Dingleberry records (DE), Miss the stars records (DE), One wild collective (FR), Dead punx records (BE), Pundonor records (ES), Rubaiyat records (UK), 59SRS (RU), Tanato Records (IT) and Mosh Potatoes (BE)

Stream in full at Idioteq: http://www.idioteq.com/french-hardcore-band-drawbacks-premiere-explosive-new-ep/

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