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Smithsfoodgroup 2016 vinyl bundle

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All our vinyl releases of 2016 in one handy bundle. If still available you will receive the least common version of each release. Comes with stickers and stuff too. Shipping first week of December. If overcharged on shipping, it'll be refunded.

Atlas - B L U S H 12"
Bait - Sunburst 12"
Cavalcades - One Down For Youth's Ideals 12"
The Deadnotes - I'll Kiss All Fears Out Of Your Face 12"
Drawbacks - Common Impairments 12"
Gewoon Fucking Raggen - Bruja 12"
God Mother / Artemis split 7"
Ilenkus - Hunger 7"
Ithaca - Trespassers 7" (Euro edition)
Michel Anoia - Plethora 12"

If you don't have Paypal and are Dutch, please reach out via smithsfoodgroupdiy[a]gmail[.]com

Check Holy See / Vatican City as your country for me to hand the order over to you in person- no shipping costs will be charged.