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UVB-76 / Stirrings Still split cassette


Image of UVB-76 / Stirrings Still split cassette
  • Image of UVB-76 / Stirrings Still split cassette

Contemporary noise and synths coming together into an electronic mass. Brits UVB-76 (a.o. Caïna and Cold Fell) and Stirrings Still (a.o. Throats) bound together on a cassette and in the accompanying handmade magazine. Shipping from March 10th onwards.

On UVB-76's "the wetness of summer's ghost. Spring's black wings spread under a dying sun" Laurence Taylor has enlisted the assistance of friends to read aloud an original passage of prose, the multitude of voices illustrating that our suffering is not special, but that we are not alone. This is a long-form composition by UVB-76 which draws influence from all areas of contemporary noise and electronic music, from warm melancholic synth loops, through droning layers of static, to aggressive industrial.

On the flipside, "it will always follow me" is the first offering from Stirrings Still. A track for the thoughts that haunt, the ones that never leave before tearing you to shreds, a track for the disintegration and repetition it leaves in its wake; crippling and emetic. Working alongside Knifedoutexistence, the track is a composition of fragmentary thoughts accompanied by a wall of punishing noise that suppresses as much as it attacks.

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