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...you ain't getting the kitty though!

Here's a semi up-to-date list of other items we currently have in stock. Feel free to shoot us a message (preferably on Insta or Twitter, but email works too!) with questions about any listed or unlisted items. Prices differ per item.

12" vinyl
Bait - Sunburst
Boss Keloid - Melted On The Inch
Cavalcades - One Down For Youth's Ideals
Drawbacks - Common Impairments
The Fifth Alliance - Unrevealed Secrets Of Ruin
The Fifth Alliance - Death Poems
Michel Anoia - Plethora
Sly & The Family Drone / Dead Neanderthals - Molar Wrench
Talons - We All Know
Throes - In The Hands Of An Angry God
Twin Sister - Twin Sister
Vein - Errorzone

10” vinyl
Rites - EP I/II (lathe)

7" vinyl
God Mother / Artemis split
Group Of Man - Always Looming
Ilenkus - Hunger
Listener - Being Empty : Being Filled II
Rites - EPIII
Shizune / Lytic split
Sneezing Pus / Vomit Noir - Putrid Necrotomy / Toutes les Couleurs de la Cacophonie Humorale
Tusky - Tusky

Arson - Let's Start a Fire
Designer Violence - When Beauty Expires
Fit For The Bleeding - War Behind These Walls
Group Of Man - This Isn't Hardcore
Meadows - Il Risveglio
Run Like Hell - Fortunate Souls | Wretched World
to live among wolves - Living.Losing
WRCKG / Dock 83 - Silently, I Will Collapse
2 Years To Apocalypse - Dissonance

Absentees - Escape / Silence
A Point Of Protest - Thoughts Of A Dying Man
Badger - Saves Rock-n-Roll
CLCKWS - Popular Polarizarion
Crooked Kingdom - Let Me Get Lost
Dead Neanderthals - Prime
Diss Guy - Self
Eastwood - The Old New
Employed To Serve - Greyer Than You Remember
Gert - Het Lijkt Wel Vrede
Lungworm - Homo Plasticus
Motörboat - Schnitzels
Nosebleed Records vol. 2
Port Violette
Rites - Inner Plagues
Run Like Hell / Traces Of You split
to live among wolves - (dis)honored
Wonk Unit - Trolleys Thank You
X Ray Cat Trio - Love, Blood & Monsters

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Check Holy See / Vatican City as your country for one of us to hand the order over to you in person- no shipping costs will be charged. (regions: Zeeland / The Hague / Rotterdam / Utrecht / selected festivals and concerts)