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Older, distro and surprise boxes


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(Sumac the cat is not for sale!)

Here's a semi up-to-date list of other items we currently have in stock. Feel free to shoot us a message with questions about any listed or unlisted items. Prices differ per item.

Items as listed may not be in order of the drop down menu, sorry.

12" surprise box (5x for €20)
CS surprise box (3x for €10)
Super surprise box (at least 7 items inc. at least 4 12" for €25)

12" vinyl
Absentees - Liars Do Leaders Make 12"
A Point Of Protest - Thoughts of a Dying Man
Bait - Sunburst
Barque - Pyre Builders
Boss Keloid - Melted On The Inch
Canine - Subtle Abuse
Cavalcades - One Down For Youth's Ideals
CLCKWS - Popular Polarization
The Deadnotes - I'll Kiss All Fears Out Of Your Face
Drawbacks - Common Impairments
Drawbacks - How We Feel
The Fifth Alliance - Death Poems
Group Of Man - What We Got In Common
Howls - The Headache
Michel Anoia - Plethora
My Project Ghost - Young, Grieven
Second Guessing - Tijd Verdringt
Sly & The Family Drone / Dead Neanderthals - Molar Wrench
Talons - We All Know
Throes - In The Hands Of An Angry God
To Adelaide - Something Temporary
Torpor - Rhetoric of the Image
Treehook - Treehook

10” vinyl
Rites - EP I/II (lathe)

7" vinyl
God Mother / Artemis split
Group Of Man - Always Looming
Ilenkus - Hunger
Listener - Being Empty : Being Filled II
Rites - EPIII
Shizune / Lytic split
Sneezing Pus / Vomit Noir - Putrid Necrotomy / Toutes les Couleurs de la Cacophonie Humorale
Tusky - Tusky

Arson - Let's Start a Fire
Designer Violence - When Beauty Expires
Fit For The Bleeding - War Behind These Walls
Group Of Man - This Isn't Hardcore
Meadows - Il Risveglio
Run Like Hell - Fortunate Souls | Wretched World
to live among wolves - Living.Losing
WRCKG / Dock 83 - Silently, I Will Collapse
2 Years To Apocalypse - Dissonance

A Point Of Protest - Thoughts Of A Dying Man
Dead Neanderthals - Prime
Lungworm - Homo Plasticus
Port Violette
Run Like Hell / Traces Of You split

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Check Holy See / Vatican City as your country for one of us to hand the order over to you in person- no shipping costs will be charged. (regions: Zeeland / selected festivals and concerts)