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Smithsfoodgroup DIY - A Wild Decade CS

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Our label started in September 2011. It's been a Wild Decade and to celebrate, we've asked a bunch of friends to jump on a compilation cassette tape with us. There have been 97 shows since, each with on average three bands, as well as 76 releases and this is the next one. We're doing a run of 50, not more!

Howls - Small Talk
To Adelaide - For Want of a Nail
My Project Ghost - Cadence of Fear
2 Years - Overdrive
Absentees - Kin; Dust
Group of Man - The Machine Stops Whirring
Rites - Misery is Company
The Fifth Alliance - Fall of Taira
Dead Neanderthals - Extremely Peaceful
Designer Violence - Not Dead Yet (live)

Employed To Serve - Bones to Break
Barque - Kirke
Torpor - Two Heads on Gold
Svalbard - Disparity
A Point Of Protest - Thoughts of a Dying Man
I Feel Fine - Sailmaker
Unchained Breathing - Anthem
Artemis - Fend for Yourself
to live among wolves - Metaphor for Anguish (live demo)

Shipping expectation late October 2021.

If you don't have Paypal and are Dutch, please reach out via smithsfoodgroupdiy[a]gmail[.]com or through our @smithsfoodgroup Instagram page.

Check Holy See / Vatican City as your country for one of us to hand the order over to you in person- no shipping costs will be charged. (regions: Zuid-Beveland, Walcheren, Schouwen, Bergen op Zoom en omstreken + selected festivals and concerts).