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Barque - Pyre Builders 12"


Image of Barque - Pyre Builders 12"

Blackened HC from Northern France. Lille's Barque were recommended to us by a friend and we were hooked from the start. Until about five years ago this genre of music was commonplace in the western Europe metal scene but it somehow got away as quickly as it rose to prominence... until Barque. Second EP 'Pyre Builders' is a gorgeously LOUD and harsh effort. Released with a host of other DIY labels, in true punk fashion.

Enjoy the full EP over at all general streaming applications, or at https://openmindsaturatedbrain.blogspot.com/2018/12/barque-exclusive-premiere.html

Red 12" with black splatter vinyl, or Swamp green eco 12" vinyl available. Limited to 500 copies in total. Ready to ship early July 2019.

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